Leadership in Pakistan

Leadership is defined as (Stephen P Robbins, Timothy A judge) “the ability to influence a group toward the achievement of a vision or set of goals” and this influence should be exotic and charismatic so that people could be derived towards goals attainment but unfortunately people is Pakistan since independence seen no true leadership after Quaid-e-Azam but an exceptional, charismatic and inspiring hero (Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto ) came to influence people leading towards new peaks and destination but was assassinated by the judicial murder and was overwhelmingly hindered to perform in real way that catastrophe and hegemony of Zia-ul Haq after Bhutto led the nation into the darkness of decades thus that fall of Bhutto government and rise of Zia have put us abyss and long destruction even 9/11 is aftermath of that input for which Zia has sewed. People of Pakistan who are modern, loving, passionate and peaceful are in havoc of ambush attacks, terrorism, and vandalism. it is rightly said that we were victims of illiteracy and feudalism but now problems are spreading widely and leadership has flown in shape of immigrants either or they have been suppressed by the system of government mechanism.

Since 1947, we are in ritual of democracy and martial law therefore we, as a nation have been in stagnant and bleak state where people tend to submerge into the wounds and blood of our rare heroes and leaders, Now after six decades we are striving to reach at break even point where we can rethink and redesign our strategies of the future that would be assisting in cultivating new crop of freak, bold and intellectual leaders and if we persist to fail than aftermath is already in shape of distortion of the nation and  genocide of culture, harmony and love.