The Theory of Two Gods

The Theory of Two Gods

When I was a child, a teacher asked me about why there is one God? I was perplexed, surprised because, until the age of 16 years, I was never taught about God and its existence. Though living in Muslim country, people were considered never to raise a question about God and religion. And even I heard thinkers and philosophers to be tagged as blasphemous who talked about God out from the verses of Quran or religion. People in the religious country were never allowed to think in that way.

But when I have taken an interest in learning about knowledge, God, Religion and all of that which I can learn, it seems a lot of ideas are coming and penetrating through my mind. Yesterday when I was learning about psychology, the theory or proposition of two Gods came into my mind. Though I believe in the absolute unity of God which means, there is only one God, and nobody shares his virtues or power.

two masters

My teacher taught me that there is only one God, why because if there are two gods, then there is a possibility that two gods fight each other on a matter where they don’t settle, or they have a difference of opinion or disagreement. For example, If there are two Gods then If God A wants to send showers in the east side but God B wants to send showers on the West side then there is the possibility of difference and fight between both of them. The angel of rain (Michael as per Islam) where will go and shower the rain? Matter starts here!!!! I was convinced in childhood that teacher seemed to be perfect on this matter and his knowledge was vast enough to justify and convince a class of 60 students that there is one God that is why the world is full of peace though there is yet no peace or harmony on this earth.

But there comes another thought after 15 years, for example, if a home is run by father and mother who are universally accepted two guardians of the home, who think harmoniously for most of the matters and settle issues and problems of the home which is a small planet for them. So if they can collaborate and decide major questions, issues and problems then why not two gods can decide the matters of this small planet or earth.

I can see that sometimes two parents cannot decide a matter peacefully. Therefore, they fight with each such as sometimes it happens, father throws plates dishes or anything which is possible to show anger. Or mother sometimes fights with children or destroys some mugs or any part of the home which implies that they both sometimes damage their own home.

But in case of Gods, if they disagree, they can bring earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, droughts or any other catastrophe resulting damage to earth which is their own home or planet. Hence when these two Gods are angry with each other, they damage the earth. It is happening because of disagreement between both of two gods. Therefore there may be the possibility of two Gods.

Though I am a firm believer in one God, but my question remains open to new researchers and scholars.

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Organizational innovation: the role of leadership and organizational culture

The purpose of this paper is to approach the issue of how organizational innovation can be accelerated with the support of leadership structures and the organizational climate, specifically taking into account the top innovative universities of the world, which has not been found in previous empirical studies.

Top innovative universities of the world mostly have a transformational leadership style directly triggering organizational innovation which is consistent with the previous studies, while transactional leadership is having a positive relationship with organizational culture and innovation, but the results were statistically insignificant.


This study has suggested that less innovative universities should draft and design leadership and cultural enriching plans so that society, organizations, and commercial firms could foster innovation, ultimately benefiting general public and community.

Based on this research and other previous studies, it is suggested that universities across the world ought to imply transformational leadership traits and style which have fostered organizational innovation in the top-ranked innovative universities in developed nations. Whereas more factors needed to be studied so that comprehensive guidelines should be provided to universities and research institutes where innovation is stagnant and passive.

A survey, based on a deductive approach, is adopted since the questionnaire for organizational innovation is designed for organizations in order to measure organizational innovation, widely used by experienced employees from senior managers to all kind of employees (Caird et al., 2013) facilitating the European Commission work, whereas for transformational leadership, a Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire (Bass and Avolio, 1994) is utilized. A complete online questionnaire was developed for collecting data, and the PLS-SEM statistical technique is used for analysis and results.

Leadership and Innovation

How to Analyze People on Sight Through the Science of Human Analysis: The Five Human Types

Human Analysis-The X-Ray

Modern science has proved that the fundamental traits of every individual are indelibly stamped in the shape of his body, head, face and hands-an X-ray by which you can read the characteristics of any person on sight.

The most essential thing in the world to any individual is to understand himself. The next is to understand the other fellow. For life is largely a problem of running your own car as it was built to be run, plus getting along with the other drivers on the highway.

From this book you are going to learn which type of car you are and the main reasons why you have not been getting the maximum of service out of yourself.

Also you are going to learn the makes of other human cars, and how to get the maximum of co-operation out of them. This co-operation is vital to happiness and success. We come in contact with our fellowman in all the activities of our lives and what we get out of life depends, to an astounding degree, on our relations with him.

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A New world Order and Chinese Leadership

Chinese president Xi Jinping has vowed for the first time that China should take the lead in shaping the “new world order” and safeguarding international security, one of the latest moves putting him in stark contrast to Donald Trump and the US president’s “America First” policy. Xi had on numerous occasions called for China to…

via Chinese president Xi Jinping has vowed to lead the “new world order” — Quartz

One Million Patents Rights and the Rising China

Though everybody must be perplexed and astounded since having digested the unraveled truth of 1,000,000 and over patenting rights applications record in 2015 earned by China and having top slot consecutively since 2011 is somehow creating probes and shaking certainties with uncertainties but some research of (Hu, Peng & Lejing 2016) probed that these patent rights are probably less bothering to world since they are mere less innovative caused by inactive firms who failed to register for patents previously but other notion cannot be shunned that it is China which has strong hold in technology and leaving behind many advanced nations since The Chinese have a saying: “Nothing is impossible to a willing mind.”

1.Winning the Race

Obviously having second largest economy, everybody is eying on China, its military might, its political alliances, economic strategies, One Belt One Road initiative, innovation taking places, beauty of sea shores, gigantic skyscrapers, fireworks, Ice festivals and Job Booms. Every day, every second and every moment is being noticed and watched minutely. Some companies are eager to engage in business with it and some are curious to compete with firms within it but how and what are the areas to be sought with patent rights, where you have to register for and at, State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) China, the busiest office in the world leaving behind Japan, South Korea and USA in patent rights as indicated in graph below since 2011.


2. Billionaires

The authors have indicated in paper that resident patent applications have seen drastic surge and gigantic increasing trend as patents have sharply risen from 153,060 in 2007 to 415,829 in 2011 leaving behind so called inventing nations including the champion of billionaires (Transformational Leaders), if we take top twenty billionaires then certainly it would be United States of America which occupies top slots having 13 billionaires including Bill Gates, better known with Microsoft, Mark Zuckerberg famous with Facebook, Larry Ellison familiar with Oracle, Larry and Sergey affiliated with Google and many more while indeed China is having very few stars glittering in this field such as Wang Jianlin, the richest person in Asia, known as real estate mogul, and Jack Ma who is more inspiring with his ideology of e-commerce and with, out of box approach, ensuring a ground for promised future combat.


3. Human Capital Development

This spectacular rise is accompanied with a cause of foreign corporations’ fear of their technology being imitated if they failed to file their patent since Chinese local manufacturers and industrialists are wise and sharp enough to imitate their technology being one of the reasons elaborated but again it is reinforced in paper that invention patent applications have been surging faster to R& D expenditures for the innovators which is the delighting sign for time to come while one reason may be less fascinating that it is human capital of China which is having larger contribution towards patents and inventions and building The Great China.

4. Race for Noble Laureates

It would not be astronomical to disclose that it is USA who has garnered the crown of major inventions and discoveries in the world since it is the sole diverse nation harboring Noble Laureates more than 360 where as China even being ambitious is at last with approximate 12 Noble Award Winners in hand so quest remain challenged whether this peak of patents would be able to multiply in Noble Award Winners along with Darwin Awards, Oscar Awards and many more in multi different fields or still the journey to be long awaited.

5. Research and Development

Worthy to acknowledge that China is one of those outstanding few nations where Research and Development expenditure to GDP is more than 2 % (reported by as primarily in 2012 it reached 1 trillion RMB (reported by

6. Becoming the Great China

From economic rise to scientific competition, it is indeed China that has proved in many realms such as Bullet Trains, traveling at 420 km per hour, embarking on manufacturing, assembling, designing and training in this field, along with this, Beijing has embarked on commercial airplane manufacturing, a sector that is having more impediments and stumbling blocks but a willing a mind cannot be deviated, sooner or later and last but not the least China is indeed third country in the world, launched human into space in 2003, and having a plan to go on far side of the moon in 2018 in its Lunar mission.

The sheer and dynamic leadership of President Xi Jinping is ensuring that country is moving vertical and in right direction and days are not ahead when realm and hegemony it would have either in economy or science.

Transformational Leadership and its impact on employees’ Turnover Intention a study in private banks in Pakistan

With the arrival of WTO, organizational changes and reforms have been pondered constant,
Transformational leadership has played a drastic role in transforming organizations from bottom to top as evident from corporations such as Facebook, Wal-Mart, Google, and many
more but on contrary turnover intention have been found a factor, very troublesome and chronic violating diversity, growth, organizational prosperity and hampering attainment of
objectives set by top management. In this survey based study we have found transformational leadership has inverse relationship with turnover intention but insignificant, in mid-growing banks of Pakistan where employees are probed to be more concerned with financial benefits such as salary, bonus, increments, loans and other perks and incentives due to compelling financial conditions and worse economic situations thus implying transformational leadership has limited role to play.