Self Actualization and Obstacles in Dreams

Universe is expanding every moment, life is altering every nanosecond, and peoples appear, grow and disappear. The universe, we see is not the same as it was, faces are changing with the highest velocity, every day we hear new discoveries, new innovations and new perceptions. People are busy in their businesses so some desire to be billionaire, some aspire to be scientists and those who left with no option remain with mercy of fortune. It seems we have power to change but we are reluctant to authority of mightier who is beyond our perceptions. Religious scholars perceive that everything that happens is from God and atheists believe on contrary of it.

Every natural thing and manufactured machine has goals behind it, nothing exists in vain even nothing does occupy space and has purpose in it so how come the creature of God goes vain, empty and purposeless even human is the best among all entities and creatures.

This fact was very extensively understood by charismatic leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and others, though having obstacles and challenges such as threat of life, imprisonment, and starvation, these transformational leaders pursued their dreams of high vitality.

1.     Obstacles in goals such as physiological needs, safety, love and esteem

It is manifested in history that Mahatma Gandhi strived for sole purpose of freedom even utilized civil disobedience. Likewise Nelson Mandela, born in 1918, trialed for treason, to achieve dream for prosperity of South Africa while maintaining his attitude even imprisoned but never submitted himself for first three layers of needs, firstly physiological needs, shelter, Food, clothes secondly safety needs, thirdly love or belonging, self respect and healthy positive admiration therefore it is inferred that creative contemplators and people not necessarily require other layers to cross for self actualization but they were capable enough for fulfilling their dreams pursuing from beginning.

2.     Pyramid of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory

Maslow (1943) described needs in following pattern where people generally tend to move from bottom to top. He postulated that people are motivated to achieve certain needs when one need is fulfilled; a person seeks to fulfill the next one, and so on

That is perhaps the challenge and desire of every individual that to move up towards level of self actualization but people are bothered with failures and bottom layers where they tend to experience chronic social issues such as divorce and lower needs of food, job loss, family issues. Very few people in hundreds having such obstacles accomplish fulfilling dream of self actualization for that they sacrifice a lot more so a person may need to have following characteristics for self-actualizing since every individual has a dream.

3.     Characteristics of Self-actualizing Persons

  1. They are brave, realistic and rational so have ability to influence.
  2. They are having vast understanding of human nature, they realize the facts, accept the challenges, they have power to tackle circumstances, they are more friendly and pay no heed to stereotype.
  3. They are starters and emotionally intelligent.
  4. They are always focused and maintain their dignity.
  5. They are spontaneous and no unnecessary inhibitions.
  6. They can be alone but not lonely
  7. They seek justice for all and are honest.
  8. They are very clear about their primary goals and maintain continuous growth.


4.     Heroes, Inspired to Inspire

Vladimir Lenin, posthumous, controversial, born in wealthy middle class family in Russia inspired by the theory of Marxist, being arrested for sedition and exiled to Shushenskoye,  Minusinsky District for three years, after almost 30 years of life, worked against capitalism and propagated socialism across the world. Though his brother was killed, he himself was exiled but he never gave up and continued fulfilling his dream until his end of life in 1924.

Alexander the Great born in Greece (356 AD) and died in Babylon Iraq (BC 323) was a King of the Ancient Greek kingdom of Macedon and a member of the Argead dynasty. At the age of just twenty years, conquered Persian Empire explored Indian frontier at thirty. He was inspired to fight, inspired to rule and inspired to inspire the great kings of all times. He never gave up until he died due to chronic disease but before that his aim, his self actualization dream was to achieve what never have been achieved by his ancestors in history and coming generations.

Not only in wars, politics, but in science we find many names such as Alferd Nobel, Marie Curie, Thomas Edison, and in journalism Hellen Killer and many more who self actualized their dreams retained their names in books of generations, humanity and God.



Author: tahseen bhutto

PhD Scholar at University of Finance and Economics

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