Race and Ethnicity

Though the world has stepped on moon, crossed borders of space, got rid from the mighty gravity force, spotted signs of an other earth in other solar systems, sending humans on Mars for finding living conditions and looking for aliens on other planets but humans are still in web of many fundamental worries such as race and ethnicity. We may claim to have invented robots and machines that work like humans, dance like actors, serve like chefs and feel like humans but still we are killing each other on basis of race, ethnicity, cast and culture.

Yes we are very vivid about this, even we find instances in our developed world where in past, people on basis of their color were brutalized, mountains of atrocities were thrown over them on basis of region, genocide was witnessed when million of Jews were slaved and tortured till death, burnt in fire as inputs and in present where still in super power nations people are murdered on basis of color, on basis of cast and origin which implies still there is hegemony of influence and power.

In-spite of advances in coping with chronic diseases, there is strong fact that racial and ethnic minorities tend to have less quality of life and people of these classes face violence and torture on no solid grounds even still they are biased and treated with difference thus spurting chaos and anarchy.

We don’t need to go in past, but recently the death of black women in America has embarked upon so-many questions and raised voice of innocents, doubts are showering, big houses are jolted, cracks are spreading in hearts and souls that why still these loads of atrocities and brutalities are still on the way and why not the systems and procedures are developed and implemented so that these fundamental rights can be ensured and provided and where law, transparency and justices prevail.

We may call ourselves economics powerful nations and we may call our scientists as magicians, but we are still in fire of cast, sects, religion difference, classes, nationalities and ethnicity and the way to solve these crucial issues are perhaps the powerful education system, provision of equal rights, and justice for all.



Author: tahseen bhutto

PhD Scholar at University of Finance and Economics

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