Eid-ul- Fiter ceremony and Muslims

Eid festival that begins with the end of holy month of Ramdan in which Muslims are bound for fasting thus having spent whole the month with pious activities they tend to celebrate three days of eid festival in which male dominant society tend to offer wajib prayer in their regional mosques then turning towards graveyards in congregation for appealing, Allah almighty who is eternal and omnipresent, for blessings and boons for their expired beloved ones.

The spiritual theme behind these both ritual and fasting is always being denoted to world that being a devoted and adored it is apt and obligatory for muslims to serve humanity specially considering starving, struggling, and needy people through out the year. While the second opinion that flourishes in thoughts is that fasting is zakat of Muslims physic while in beginning of the month they already have distributed zakat from their wealth.

Muslims having stronger faith tend to perform the obligation of fasting thus scattering message to the world that we serve core of the humanity, we believe in unity and dignity of everlasting powerful God and would disperse and expend every possession to care and nurture the needy ones not by words but actions



Author: tahseen bhutto

PhD Scholar at University of Finance and Economics

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