Dreams and the Theory of Self Actualization

Dreams and the Theory of Self Actualization

Universe is expanding every moment, life is changing every time, and peoples come, grow and disappear. The world we see is not the same as it was, faces are changing sharply, every day we hear new discoveries, new innovations and new thoughts. People are busy in their business so some want to be billionaire, some desire to be scientists and those who left with no option remain with mercy of fortune. It seems we have power to change but we are reluctant to authority of mightier who is beyond our perceptions. Religious scholars perceive that everything that happens is from God and atheists believe on contrary of it.

Every natural thing and manufactured machine has goals behind it, nothing exists in vain even nothing does occupy space and has purpose in it so how come the creature of God goes vain, empty and purposeless even human is the best among all entities and creatures. This fact was very extensively understood by charismatic leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and others. Though having obstacles and challenges such as threat of life, imprisonment, and starvation, these transformational leaders pursued their dreams of high vitality.

It is manifested in history that Mahatma Gandhi worked for sole purpose of freedom even utilized civil disobedience. Likewise Nelson Mandela to achieve dream for prosperity of South Africa while maintaining his attitude even imprisoned but never submitted himself for first three layers of needs. Firstly physiological needs shelter, Food, Sleep secondly safety needs, thirdly self esteem, self respect and healthy positive admiration therefore it is inferred that creative thinkers and people not necessarily require other layers to cross for self actualization and they capable enough for fulfilling their dreams pursuing from beginning.

Maslow (1943) described needs in following pattern where people generally tend to move from bottom to top. He stated that people are motivated to achieve certain needs. When one need is fulfilled a person seeks to fulfill the next one, and so on


That is perhaps the challenge and desire of every individual that to move up towards level of self actualization but people are bothered with failure and bottom layers where they tend to experience chronic social issues such as divorce and lower needs of food, job loss, family issues. Very few people in hundred having such obstacles accomplish fulfilling dream of self actualization for that they sacrifice a lot more.

Characteristics of Self-actualizing Persons

  1. They are brave, realistic and rational so have ability to influence.
  2. They having vast understanding of human nature, they realize the facts, accept the challenges, they have power to tackle circumstances, they are more friendly and pay no heed to stereotype.
  3. They are starters and emotionally intelligent.
  4. They are always focused and maintain their dignity.
  5. They are spontaneous and no unnecessary inhibitions.
  6. They can be alone but not lonely
  7. They seek justice for all and are honest.
  8. They are very clear about their primary goals and maintain continuous growth.

Vladimir Lenin even born in wealthy middle class family in Russia inspired by the theory of Marxist, being arrested for sedition and exiled to Shushenskoye for three years, after almost 30 years of life, worked against capitalism and propagated socialism across the world. Though his brother was killed, he himself was exiled but he never gave up and continued fulfilling his dream until his end of life in 1924.

Alexander the Great born in Greece (356 AD) and died in Babylon Iraq (BC 323) was a King of the Ancient Greek kingdom of Macedon and a member of the Argead dynasty. At the age of just twenty years, conquered Persian Empire explored Indian frontier at thirty. He was inspired to fight, inspired to rule and inspired to inspire the great kings of all times. He never gave up until he died due to chronic disease but before that his aim, his self actualization dream was to achieve what never have been achieved by his ancestors in history and coming generations.

Not only in wars, politics, but in science we find many names such as Alferd Nobel, Marie Curie, Thomas Edison, and in journalism Hellen Killer and many more who self actualized their dreams retained their names in books of generations, humanity and God.



Race and Ethnicity

Though the world has stepped on moon, crossed borders of space, got rid from the mighty gravity force, spotted signs of an other earth in other solar systems, sending humans on Mars for finding living conditions and looking for aliens on other planets but humans are still in web of many fundamental worries such as race and ethnicity. We may claim to have invented robots and machines that work like humans, dance like actors, serve like chefs and feel like humans but still we are killing each other on basis of race, ethnicity, cast and culture.

Yes we are very vivid about this, even we find instances in our developed world where in past, people on basis of their color were brutalized, mountains of atrocities were thrown over them on basis of region, genocide was witnessed when million of Jews were slaved and tortured till death, burnt in fire as inputs and in present where still in super power nations people are murdered on basis of color, on basis of cast and origin which implies still there is hegemony of influence and power.

In-spite of advances in coping with chronic diseases, there is strong fact that racial and ethnic minorities tend to have less quality of life and people of these classes face violence and torture on no solid grounds even still they are biased and treated with difference thus spurting chaos and anarchy.

We don’t need to go in past, but recently the death of black women in America has embarked upon so-many questions and raised voice of innocents, doubts are showering, big houses are jolted, cracks are spreading in hearts and souls that why still these loads of atrocities and brutalities are still on the way and why not the systems and procedures are developed and implemented so that these fundamental rights can be ensured and provided and where law, transparency and justices prevail.

We may call ourselves economics powerful nations and we may call our scientists as magicians, but we are still in fire of cast, sects, religion difference, classes, nationalities and ethnicity and the way to solve these crucial issues are perhaps the powerful education system, provision of equal rights, and justice for all.


God, in the religion and science

Anyone, who know the God, can not describe him. Anyone who can describe God does not know him. Many of greatest people of all time have defined or tried to explain something about God but non of them reached on consensus except the point that there is someone who is beyond our thoughts, powers and perceptions and some authors and scholars have mentioned that he dwells among us. He dwells in our hearts, in honesty, in pious deeds and in humanity.

God in religion

Christians strongly believe in God and they claim that God is the verily creator and sustainer (e.g. John 1:1-3, Col. 1:16-17, cf. Gen. 1:1).Jews believe in the fact that there is one God who exists without any question for that proof is not needed even in Torah it is said that God created but question such as who and how are not responded while in Islam it is cited,” There is no God but Allah” so believing in it is the initiation of the faith and in Quran, in Sarah Ikhlas it is described, Say He is Allah, the Self sufficient master, (he neither eats not drinks), neither He is the father no He is son ( of any one), and there is none co-equal or comparable unto him”. so in almost major religions, clarity about God is explicitly disclosed so that humans can not be astrayed.

God in Science

Science is the knowledge and information that is based on experiments and observation so believing having closed eyes in God indicates our irrationality and proves us illogical even God in Islam have said that i have given you eyes, ears and mind so why don’t you think, why don’t you see and why don’t hear the evidences that are prevailing in entire universe about God. The questions that are floating in universe of mind that whether there is God, that Stephen hawking believed,”What i meant by ‘we would know the mind of God’ is, we would know everythinghat God would know, if there were a God. Which there isn’t. I’m an atheist.” while on another places he said,“Ignorance of nature’s ways led people in ancient times to invent gods to lord it over every aspect of human life”.

Hawking creates doubts in minds of scholars and philosophers having sound rationality about God. in which he said, “The God of the Bible clearly performs miracles, which is something Hawking believes cannot occur. Instead he believes in the “concept of scientific determinism, which implies that … there are no miracles, or exceptions to the laws of nature.

The doubts are grooming in minds of atheist with affirmation from scientist Hawking and questions such as ” can we really find God in science”, “How else does science point to a creator”, which can be answered by the argument that the scientific laws are very crucial for this galaxy to survive and nano second change in these laws would cause destruction of entire galaxy and solar systems so these is someone ruling and controlling powers. Another question “Do most scientists believe that the universe had a beginning”  Most of the scientists believe that universe is expanding and if it is then it must has the beginning that implies there is one God.

Some how it is explicit from evidences and rationalizations that science and religions about God share harmony and  consensus some how but statistics about believers ans atheists is quite different. BBC in its report found that 56% people in UK are being observed as atheists and ratio of believers is decreasing particularly in western developed countries.

Then question of day is here why and whats are the reasons people’s conversion from believers to atheists (non believers) but it is also fact that people are coming to embrace religion as well. A 2004 survey by the CIA in the World Factbook estimates about 12.5% of the world’s population are non-religious, and about 2.4% are atheists while  France had the most skeptics (19% atheist, 16% agnostic). On the religion question, South Korea had the greatest percentage without a religion (41%) while Italy had the smallest (5%). in China majority of the people are not affiliated with religion and perhaps not interested in affairs about religion and God. If we look at the world then we see Christians are almost 2 billion, Muslims are 1.3 billion, Hindus are 900 million while atheist non believers are on enhancing trend and they are 850 million.

whether we believe in God nor not but statistics suggests very different about God, Religion and Science.


Eid-ul- Fiter ceremony and Muslims

Eid festival that begins with the end of holy month of Ramdan in which Muslims are bound for fasting thus having spent whole the month with pious activities they tend to celebrate three days of eid festival in which male dominant society tend to offer wajib prayer in their regional mosques then turning towards graveyards in congregation for appealing, Allah almighty who is eternal and omnipresent, for blessings and boons for their expired beloved ones.

The spiritual theme behind these both ritual and fasting is always being denoted to world that being a devoted and adored it is apt and obligatory for muslims to serve humanity specially considering starving, struggling, and needy people through out the year. While the second opinion that flourishes in thoughts is that fasting is zakat of Muslims physic while in beginning of the month they already have distributed zakat from their wealth.

Muslims having stronger faith tend to perform the obligation of fasting thus scattering message to the world that we serve core of the humanity, we believe in unity and dignity of everlasting powerful God and would disperse and expend every possession to care and nurture the needy ones not by words but actions


Terrorism and our country

Terrorism is intentional and deliberate act of violence committed to create emotional response through suffering of victims and every society faces this curse in various forms such as physical terrorism, religious terrorism, cultural terrorism, territorial terrorism, financial terrorism and etc. Our country Pakistan since independence has almost seen all shapes of terrorism but the most violent, devastating, abolishing, and decaying is physical terrorism since Jihadis who were nurtured in name of Islam, having sound political goals, fragile conceptions, and fuzzy feelings for humanity and religion have played exceptionally brilliant role in calling kafir to other sects of religion and ensuring personal objective to be achieved.

Financial terrorism, now a days, is at peak on list of law enforcement agencies after uprooting factories of terrorism and weapons manufacturing factories from WANA and FATA where earlier no rule of law was evident. Now turn for financial terrorism comes when physical threats of suicide ambushing attacks are bothered  and hampered but this time two largest parties seems to be hindering in actions of military and if they both are brought into circle them certainly both parties leaders would be dissipating and vanishing from the ground.

Meanwhile controversies spurt on the media with allegations from both parties dwelling in Sindh province specifying threats and menaces that if retrieval path not chosen then dire consequences can be outcome that would burn out the whole country from Khyber till Karachi therefore some adjustment, compromise and arbitration seems to be happening but the cake of this sweetness is shares only between legends so operations seems not to be discontinued against dogs who are more violent, threatening, intimidating but less damaging.

The questions arise till what time such compromises would be held and do dire outcomes are not predicted enough in future or law enforcement agencies are in way to grab all money utilized in financing terrorism and criminals but process would be gradual and steady.

Government that had not taken previously any action and was disguised in silence still claims to own all the credit for fetching peace in the country that seems to be fuzzy and discarded in eyes of every citizen and rational person who knows even few letters of ABC of country affairs.

Time here demands that all courses and subjects of terrorism need to be tackled and curtailed so that coming generation and living citizens could be in safe place thus chanting some slogans for least good anticipated from law enforcement agencies that might pave the way for prosperity and betterment